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Food for Thought Club

↪Who are we?Food for Thought is a club dedicated to encouraging political discussion around various…

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↪Who are we?
Food for Thought is a club dedicated to encouraging political discussion around various topics including political theory, philosophy,  and current social issues. Additionally, we hope to make our members more comfortable with talking openly about politics, as well as public speaking. We believe that discussion on these topics is vital to ensure a politically active society that is aware of what is and is not within its best interests. We want to foster an environment where students feel comfortable expressing their opinions in an open form with others and critically challenge and discuss with one another. 

↪What can you expect?
We will be having bi-weekly events in which a student creates a presentation on a certain topic that they have researched and that interests them, they will then present it to the group, and then open the floor up to Q&A and discussion. Anybody who is part of the club is welcome to host an event, we just ask that you fill out our event host form in our linktree (see IG bio)! Occasionally, in between these events, we will plan more light-hearted game nights, fun events, and other educational events! Stay tuned! (edited)

↪Who can join?
Anybody! We welcome students from all political ideologies to attend our events and engage in discussions if you are comfortable, or just come to listen! While we encourage critical engagement with ideas we also maintain a standard of respectful communication. 

↪How can you join?
Our club is mostly non-commitment, so there is no fee to join or obligated attendance to events. However, if you wish to attend events at all please fill out the form in our linktree and/or join our discord to be notified about events. If there is an event one week you wish to attend that interests you, and another the next that doesn’t, that is fine!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to DM us or join our discord and ask a leadership member! We can’t wait to welcome you to our events in the upcoming school year!