Ali Maleki Gargari

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Ali Maleki Gargari

Senior Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering

Rate: $44

Subjects: Calculus, Electrical and Electronic Circuits, Electromagnetic, Math, Physics, Telecommunications

As a senior Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering, I can definitely help you with most of the electrical engineering topics. 
Besides, I have been tutoring most of the first/second-year Math and Physics courses, and I am specialized in APSC 178 (6yrs), APSC 246 (6yrs), APSC 248 (5yrs), APSC 255 (4yrs), ENGR 365 (4yrs), ENGR 361 (3yrs), and ENGR 470 (3yrs).

Feel free to contact me if 44$/hr is a bit pricey, we can add you to another group.