General Election Announcement

January 28, 2022 (updated Feb.14)

As everyone is officially settling into spring classes, we are approaching the General Election for the SUO Board of Directors. We recognize that our student body is currently facing unprecedented hardship with the continuation of some online classes and the repercussions that have followed suit. That being said, it has never been more important to engage in a student union election. Get out there and vote, or take the plunge and run for SUO’s Board of Directors! Feel free to contact our Chief Returning Officer, Noah Saini, via email at for additional information regarding this election.

SUO Elections Schedule: (all times in Pacific Standard Time)

Nomination Period

  • Opens February 7th at 8:00 am
  • Closes February 18th at 4:00 pm

All Candidates Meeting

  • February 18th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Campaigning Period

  • Open February 28th at 8:00 am
  • Close March 6th at 11:59 pm


  • Commence March 3rd
  • Finish on March 4th

Voting Period

  • Opens March 7th at 8:00 am
  • Closes March 9th at 11:59 pm

Available Positions:

  • Executive Committee members*:
    • President (1)
    • VP External (1)
    • VP Internal (1)
    • VP of Finance and Administration (1)
    • VP of Campus Life (1)
  • Director at Large (4)
  • Faculty of Arts & Science Student Representative (Arts & Social Sciences) (1)
  • Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies Student Representative (1)
  • College of Graduate Students Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Applied Science Student Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Management Student Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Education Student Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Health & Social Development Student Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Arts & Science Student Representative (Science) (1)


* – Disclaimer:
All executive committee positions require candidates to be fully vaccinated.
Some election activities are subject to change in the case of BC Public Health Guideline alterations.