SUO Pride Resource Centre (PRC)

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SUO Pride Resource Centre (PRC)

The UBCO Pride Resource Centre (PRC) was founded in 2003 and is a space on...

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The UBCO Pride Resource Centre (PRC) was founded in 2003 and is a space on campus where LGBT and Ally students can come and talk about issues and challenges they face on and off campus. The PRC is a paraprofessional service which means that it does not provide actual medical (mental or physical) advice but can refer students to professional healthcare services on or off campus. Volunteers for the PRC provide a safe, confidential space for LGBT and Ally students through events and office hours where students can come, have fun, and discuss LGBT issues.

The PRC works with the Peer Support Network and the Women’s Resource Centre to provide a confidential resource network at UBC Okangan.

Above all, the PRC strives to provide a space on campus where all students can feel welcome and comfortable regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The PRC works to create a social atmosphere within the university to foster discussion and awareness on campus of the diversity of sexualities and genders.

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