Danial Asif

  • Acts as the elected leader of the UBC-O student body in meetings with administration, government, and media on institutional and student issues.
  •  Shares responsibility with the General Manager and Executive Committee for daily decision-making and oversight of the Students’ Union.
  • Chairs the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, overseeing SUO’s legislative agenda.
  • Presents options and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on student concerns.




Aryan Arora

Vice-President Finance and Administration
  • Chairs the Finance Committee and Student Association Funding Committee, coordinating SUO finances with the Finance Manager.
  • Ensures SUO’s long-term financial stability.
  • Prepares financial statements and reports for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  • Helps develop the SUO Annual Budget according to SUO policies and priorities.
  • Assists auditors with the annual audit for the AGM, if needed.
  • Monitors budget adherence and reports overages to the Board of Directors promptly.





Abby Newman

Vice-President External
  • Chairs the Campaigns Committee, focusing on external media relations and advocacy.
  • Advocates for students to municipal, provincial, and federal governments.
  • Conducts research on political policies for the SUO and affiliates.
  • Builds relationships with external organizations and organizes community outreach events.
  • Develops external policies with the General Manager.
  • Attends meetings of local, provincial, national, or international student groups.
  • Informs the Executive Committee and Board of Directors about external matters affecting students.



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Saaim Imran

Vice-President Campus Life
  • Chairs the Campus Life Committee and Media Fund Committee, working with campus partners.
  • Plans various student events, including lectures, workshops, educational speakers, and mental health activities.
  • Organizes entertainment events like concerts and trivia nights to enhance student life.
  • Manages the SUO volunteer program to engage students.
  • Collaborates with the Communication Manager to boost student engagement.
  • Works with the Vice-President Internal to foster communication among campus societies for a stronger community.



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Rajat Arora

Vice-President Internal
  • Chairs the Policy Committee, handling internal matters within the SUO and liaising with its Resource Centres
  • Leads the development and launch of new services for SUO members.
  • Manages relationships with members and gathers feedback on SUO and university-related issues.
  • Serves as the primary link between the SUO and Student Associations, offering assistance.
  • Works with the President on internal policy changes and governance.
  • Promotes communication among campus student groups.