Student Legal Aid

UBC Vancouver Students, kindly note that free legal services available to from Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)

All undergraduate and graduate students that are part of the SUO have access to a lawyer who can advise and assists them with any tenancy legal issues. This service is provided to UBC Okanagan students.

Examples of Residential Tenancy Disputes
  • Your landlord is evicting you: If your landlord serves you with a termination notice that you intend to fight, a consultation with a lawyer may help determine your rights
  • Your landlord discriminates against you: If you believe your landlord is discriminating against you, a lawyer can help stop the illegal actions and help you recover damages for any harm you suffered
  • Your landlord won’t make necessary repairs: If your landlord isn’t fulfilling important obligations under your lease and the law, a lawyer can be consulted and used to communicate with your landlord until your residence is repaired
  • Your property has been damaged: If your landlord fails to maintain the rental property, sometimes this can cause damage to your personal property. In the case that this happens, a lawyer can be consulted to figure out future steps
  • Your landlord refuses to reimburse the damage deposit: If a landlord fails to return damage deposit within fifteen (15) days after moving out, a lawyer can be consulted to have the deposit returned

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