Welcome to the SUO!

The Student Union of UBC Okanagan (The SUO) is your student union. As a student at UBC Okanagan, you are automatically part of our community. Welcome.

Our priority is to make your time at UBCO:

  • Safe
  • Accessible
  • Community Oriented
  • Fun and memorable
Why should I care about the SUO?

The SUO exists to benefit and represent students like you.

We are run by dedicated SUO staff, an elected student board, and an executive team.

From providing student services that support your health and education to reducing student debt and creating a fun and exciting campus life, we fight for the student interests of the University and all levels of government.

Our mission is to champion student rights and interests in developing strong and vibrant campus life.

The SUO is dedicated to the social, educational, and influencing interests of all students at UBC Okanagan.

Through providing student services, advocacy for student issues and development of policies that enhance student success, we work to better students’ lives every day.