SUO Peer Support Network (PSN)

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SUO Peer Support Network (PSN)

Founded in 2014, the UBCO Peer Support Network (PSN) offers a confidential space on campus…

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Founded in 2014, the UBCO Peer Support Network (PSN) offers a confidential space on campus where students can seek support from peers regarding personal challenges. As a paraprofessional service, the PSN provides empathetic peer support without diagnosing or treating mental illness.

Operating alongside the Women’s Resource Center and the Pride Resource Center, the PSN aims to ensure no student feels isolated and works to promote mental health awareness within the campus community.

Guided by values of confidentiality, acceptance of diversity, community, and safety, the PSN fosters a supportive environment where all students can feel welcomed and supported.

To provide the above-mentioned service and to achieve its goals, the PSN operates by the following values:

  • Confidentiality: To ensure the trust of our peers, the Peer Support Network follows a confidentiality agreement. 
  • Belonging and acceptance of diversity: The Peer Support Network is a safe and positive space for ALL students to ensure that no one is alone when facing an issue or struggle. 
  • Community:  The Peer Support Network is dedicated to contributing to a campus community that embraces the health and well-being of all members.  
  • Safety: The Peer Support Network strives to ensure the safety of both its volunteers and users.

For more information about the Peer Support Network, please contact