All About SUO Elections: Executive Positions

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All About SUO Elections: Executive Positions

SUO President

  • Acts as the elected leader of the UBCO student body, representing the SUO’s membership in meetings with Admin, statements to the government and interviews to the media on issues about the institution or general student issues.
  • Is the chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, the SUO’s two legislative bodies
  • Creates and implements the Annual Strategic Plan, Annual Report, Annual General Meeting, and is responsible for steering the organization according to long-term goals and mandated initiatives.

Vice President Finance and Administration

  • Chairs the Finance and Club Funding Committees, and oversees and coordinates the finances of the Suo
  • Ensures the long-term financial stability of the SUO with the Finance Manager and the preparation and maintenance of all financial records
  • They prepare the financial statements and reports to be presented regularly to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • Help develop the suo annual budget, in a manner consistent with policies & priorities set out by the Executives and Board of Directors

Vice President Internal

  • Chairs the Policy Committee oversees matters internal to the Suo, liaises with the Resource Centres
  • Oversees the development and implementation of new services to Union Members.
  • Responsible for the relationship with Union Members and receiving comments related to the SUO, the University, or any other concerns of Members.
  • Acts as the main liaison between the Students’ Union and the Student Associations and assists these groups

Vice President External

  • Chairs and coordinates the activities of the Campaigns Committee, focusing on external media relations, and advocacy.
  • Advocates on students’ behalf to various external bodies, such as municipal, provincial, and federal governments on issues that impact the students
  • This furthers the objectives, goals and policies of the SUO through the attendance of meetings of relevant student groups.

Vice President Campus Life

  • Chairs the Campus Life Committee and Media Fund Committee, collaborating with campus partners and planning events for our students.
  • This includes regular programs & events throughout the year such as lectures or workshops, concerts, social gatherings, or bringing relevant and timely speakers to campus.
  • Oversees the coordination of the SUO volunteer program, giving students opportunities to get involved with projects on campus.