Supporting Iranian Students

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Supporting Iranian Students

SUO Statement Re: Solidarity with Iranian Students

On behalf of the SUO, we want to extend our deepest sympathies to Iranian and other affected students that have dealt with the recent murder of Mahsa Zina Amini, an Iranian woman who was arrested by Iranian Morality Police for not following the strict dress code imposed by the country.

The result of this event has created anxiety, sadness, and anger for many people across the globe, especially those from Iran.

This incident may have impacted you or your loved ones, and we recognize this is a difficult time for all.

The SUO condemns the state violence inflicted against brave protestors throughout Iran. We commend the protestors for continuing to advocate and fight to improve the status of Iranian women. We support a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body, in whatever capacity; religious expression or otherwise.

We are here to support students through this difficult time, and there are a variety of university resources available to students at UBCO to support yourself and your community.

We have linked a list of supports and resources available in our bio and on our website.


Your SUO Executives and Board Members

Resources for Students

UBC Assistance Program

Third Space Counselling

UBC Health and Wellness

Sexual Violence Prevention Office (SVPRO)

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