Election Candidate Posters

UBC Signage Policy UP8 had previously granted the SUO an exception during SUO General Elections, please see the archived version of the information UBC provided regarding exterior posters from December 04, 2022.

The SUO can not authorize the posting within a department or Faculty space without their prior permission and consent. These locations listed below are the exceptions, and as such are only temporary.

All campaign materials must be removed by close of the campaigning period.

Outlined in the December 2022 archive are the following pre-approved exterior locations:

  • University Centre Exterior Concrete pillars outside of entry
  • Sciences Exterior Pillars outside of courtyard entry
  • Library Exterior Pillar outside of courtyard entry
  • Arts & Sciences Exterior Pillars outside of eastern entry
  • Arts & Sciences Exterior Pillars outside of north-east entry
  • Fipke – Starbucks entrance Exterior Pillars outside of entry
  • Fipke – north entrance Exterior Pillar outside of north entry
  • Engineering, Management & Education Exterior Wall behind bike racks and emergency phone, at west entrance

Kindly note that the Nechako building does not have any exterior designated posting locations, nor with-in access-restricted spaces (e.g. Pritchard dining hall, and/or residence floors, etc…) where you need to pay and/or belong to a Faculty/Department in order to have access to the space.