SUO General Elections

Candidate List

Candidate Information Available

When the information is available, you will be able to click on the Candidate’s name for a photo and information about the particular candidate.

Please see the list of Candidates running in the General Election for the 2023-2024.

PositionCandidate Names
President Candidates (1 position)Danial Asif
Henry Pak Disqualified
Vice-President Campus Life Candidates (1 position)Arnav Mishra
Enesh Jakhar
Saaim Imran
Vice-President External Candidates (1 position)Abby Newman
Adnan Sheik
Japnit Singh
Vice-President Finance & Administration Candidates (1 position)Ali Kandeel
Aryan Arora
Vice-President Internal Candidates (1 position)Aakash Singh
Darsh Alamchandani
Hanna Donaldson
Norimasa Musashi
Rajat Arora
Yazdan Gordanpour
Director-at-Large Candidates (4 positions)Aayush Tomar
Aliasgar Sakarwala
Ananya Bhattacharya
Arjun Berry
Deepak Bedi
Harsh Patel
Mariam Al Barazi
Mhamoda Moli
Mohamed Sakr
Nadeen Hamdona
Sheela Mbogo
Tejasva Bhatia
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Student Representative Candidates (1 position)Olivia Lai
Faculty of Health & Social Development Student Representative Candidate (1 position)Dina Yaghi
College of Graduate Students Representative Candidate (1 position)VACANT
Faculty of Applied Science Student Representative Candidates (1 position)Pranav Badrinath
Sahar Sowdagar
Faculty of Management Student Representative Candidate (1 position)Riko Otsuka
Faculty of Education Student Representative Candidates (1 position)Elnaz Zamanzade
Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies Student Representative Candidate (1 position)Amy Wang
Faculty of Science Student Representative Candidate (1 position)Aman Ullah Waseem
Omang Baheti
Veeru Seethanaboyina

Candidates listed by role

Aakash Singh – Vice-President Internal Candidate
Aayush Tomar – Director-at-Large Candidate
Abby Newman – Vice-President External Candidate
Adnan Sheik – Vice-President External Candidate
Ali Kandeel – Vice-President Finance & Administration Candidate
Aliasgar Sakarwala – Director-at-Large Candidate
Aman Ullah Waseem – Faculty of Science Rep. Candidate
Amy Wang – Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies Rep. Candidate
Ananya Bhattacharya – Director-at-Large Candidate
Arjun Berry – Director-at-Large Candidate
Arnav Mishra – Vice-President Campus Life Candidate
Aryan Arora – Vice-President Finance & Administration Candidate
Danial Asif – President Candidate
Darsh Alamchandani – Vice-President Internal Candidate
Deepak Bedi – Director-at-Large Candidate
Dina Yaghi – Faculty of Health & Social Development Rep. Candidate
Elnaz Zamanzade – Faculty of Education Rep. Candidate
Enesh Jakhar – Vice-President Campus Life Candidate
Hanna Donaldson – Vice-President Internal Candidate
Harsh Patel – Director-at-Large Candidate
Henry Pak – President Candidate (Disqualified)
Japnit Singh – Vice-President External Candidate
Mariam Al Barazi – Director-at-Large Candidate
Mhamoda Moli – Director-at-Large Candidate
Mohamed Sakr – Director-at-Large Candidate
Nadeen Hamdona – Director-at-Large Candidate
Norimasa Musashi – Vice-President Internal Candidate
Olivia Lai – Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Rep. Candidate
Omang Baheti – Faculty of Science Rep. Candidate
Pranav Badrinath – Faculty of Applied Science Rep. Candidate
Rajat Arora – Vice-President Internal Candidate
Riko Otsuka – Faculty of Management Rep. Candidate
Saaim Imran – Vice-President Campus Life Candidate
Sahar Sowdagar – Faculty of Applied Science Rep. Candidate
Sheela Mbogo – Director-at-Large Candidate
Tejasva Bhatia – Director-at-Large Candidate
Veeru Seethanaboyina – Faculty of Science Rep. Candidate
Yazdan Gordanpour – Vice-President Internal Candidate