SUO Sex Positivity Centre (SPC)

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SUO Sex Positivity Centre (SPC)

We aim to destigmatize and celebrate all things sex, sexuality, and sexual health. We provide a safe...

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We aim to destigmatize and celebrate all things sex, sexuality, and sexual health. We provide a safe space for the conversations that students have always wanted to have but may have been hesitant to start. We are here to provide inclusive peer support and resources on topics, such as sexual health, sexual assault, and sexual expression. We advocate for sexual diversity by engaging in sex-positive discussions – this can decrease shame and increase acceptance of sexual behaviour and preference. We break down barriers to education on all things sex by providing peer-developed education and resources, created from well-sourced scholarly and community information.

Peer education allows for information to be more accessible to students from all backgrounds and needs. We assist in filling the gap in sex education for both domestic and international students, as we understand that students receive varying levels of sex education before attending UBC Okanagan. 

We seek to increase awareness of campus and community resources about sexual health and overall well-being. By providing educational resources and hosting inclusive events, we work towards lowering sexual assault rates and discrimination against sexual minorities on campus. We promote self-acceptance by helping students feel comfortable and empowered to advocate for themselves and their peers. Whether you do ‘it’, love ‘it’, or you’re just curious, the SPC is the place for ‘sexperts’ and newbies alike. 

To achieve this, we operate under the following 5 pillars: 

Confidentiality: All information shared with a board member or volunteer of the Sex Positivity Centre is kept completely confidential. 

Safety: We’re here to discuss all things sex and sexuality in a safe non-judgemental space to help students express themselves 

Community: Breaking down barriers to education on sex, sexual health and sexual identity by providing peer-based support, education, and resources • Bringing together like-minded individuals through fun and educational events to promote micro-communities of sex-positive students.

Education: All educational resources and materials are provided from an inclusive context. • We value presenting diverse content on alternative, as well as traditional, types of sex, relationships, and identities.

Advocacy: We advocate for healthy relationships and healthy bodies by working closely with campus partners to increase understanding and engagement with sexual health resources.