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United Youth for Human Rights

Our purpose at United Youth for Human Rights is to empower and educate students within…

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Our purpose at United Youth for Human Rights is to empower and educate students within the ubc community. We accomplish this through our 3 core values we infuse within each event and endeavour we have engaged in as an association since being founded: 

1. Personal empowerment. We first have to ignite the belief for youth to believe they can actually make a difference in solving pressing issues within our world, no matter the increment. We do this through our events (I.e global food crisis with our soup day event for the ubc community, our food drives, and with specialized, relevant information to educate those with a desire to make a positive change within the community). 

2. Our compelling community. As more of our members become personally empowered, naturally collaborations, projects, and endeavours will actualize from our community members based on what we educate and stand by. Our goal is to create a strong foundation for our community to build on the passion for positive change, creating ripple effects to compound into change on a larger level. 

3. Connections with influential change-makers. With a mass of empowered youth and a dedicated community, what accelerates change on a larger level is with collaborating with people who are already operating on an international level. By connecting and expanding our organizations network through strong relationships with, for example, individuals in the United Nations, Presidents of non-profits, other student associations, esteemed professionals, etc allows our community and members to witness real change happening within the world and access to those at the forefront.