U-PASS opt-out

Eligibility criteria to be able to request an opt-out of the UBC Okanagan U-PASS.


Please note that the U-PASS is only automatically assessed as part of your student fees during the Fall/Winter semesters at UBC Okanagan.  Once the Fall deadline passes for the academic year, we are unable to process further U-PASS opt-out requests.

The Okanagan Summer U-PASS program operates on an opt-in basis for students staying in Kelowna, that would still use the U-PASS, can purchase it over the summer, so there is no opt-out form for the Summer.

The U-PASS opt-out request form on our website is currently closed until August 2024, when we begin to accept opt-out requests early-August until the last full week of September 2024 for the entire 2024-2025 academic year.

If students are enrolled in any distance course, it could be that you are being charged UBC Vancouver student fees. Kindly contact the UBC Vancouver Student Society – the Alma Mater Society (AMS) for an U-PASS exception for the summer months:

UBC Okanagan students are automatically assessed U-PASS fee. Listed below are the eligibility criteria to be able to opt-out of the U-PASS.

Kindly note the Students’ Union can only review U-PASS opt-out requests for the current academic year. There is a deadline in September each year, as well as U-PASS opt-out requests must be submitted annually.

Students must meet one of the following U-PASS opt-out eligibility criteria in order to have the U-PASS fee reversed (documentation will also be required).

  1. Student with a disability which requires use of alternative transportation
  2. Student with a valid BC Bus Pass or registered HandyDART user
  3. Student who does not reside within the Regional District of Central Okanagan
  4. Student studying only by distance education / GoGlobal program. 
    Please note web-oriented courses are not classified as distance education by the University and as such, web-oriented courses are assessed regular fees.
  5. Student taking only one course, and is only on-campus one day per week
  6. Student with a valid U-PASS from another post-secondary institution

To request a U-PASS opt-out form to be sent to you, or if you have any further questions, please e-mail u-pass@suo.ca or complete the online form here. Please note that after you submit your U-PASS opt-out request form, we will respond with a confirmation e-mail. Thank you for your patience while we process the opt-out requests.

In order to avoid any late-fees/penalties from being assessed on your SSC account, please pay student fees in full by the specified fee deadline, even if applying for an opt-out request. We will work in a timely manner to have the fees reversed back on to your SSC account. If it is your last semester at UBC Okanagan, you can request to have the refund sent to you. Please understand that this is a manual process and needs to be processed by UBC Student Records and Financial Services.

Alternatively, for those students who can demonstrate financial hardship; have family obligations which limit the student; or live in area within the Central Okanagan Regional District where transit service is limited or not currently available, please see the Transportation Hardship Application Form. Please note that this subsidy is offered through UBC Okanagan, to assist students whom do not meet the opt-out eligibility criteria above.