UNC105 Boardroom Features
  • Ceiling-mounted projector
  • Electronic controlled projection screen
  • Two wall-mounted speakers
  • Wireless access point
  • Small sink
  • Twenty (20) chairs
  • Six (6) rectangular tables

UNC105 Boardroom Terms and Conditions

By renting the Student Union UNC105 boardroom you agree to the following: 

  • Alcohol, cannabis use, and/or smoking are prohibited
  • If food is being served, the SUO must be notified immediately to ensure that the proper food guidelines are being met. Failure to inform the SUO or to follow proper food guidelines will result in a minimum $50 terms and conditions fee as well as cancellation of future events.
  • The booking includes enough time for set-up and take down of your event.
  • Room is left in the same tidy condition as it was found 
  • Tables and/or chairs will not block doorway and emergency exit
  • All equipment and light switches are turned off at the end and ensure the doors are locked after the event 
  • All equipment remains in the boardroom, just as it was when you started the event 
  • All media must be legally obtained, ie. no torrents.
  • You are personally responsible for any equipment and/or materials you bring into the boardroom
  • The Student Union will bill the club for any cleaning / damages from your event 
  • You will notify the Students’ Union (hello@paperandsupply.ca) if you notice any damage inside the boardroom prior to your event 
  • Only active Clubs and Course Unions who have been ratified by the Students’ Union are eligible for the Club and Course Union rate.
  • If you need training on media system, it must be pre-arranged before the event.
  • Breach of any of the Terms & Agreements may result in a minimum $50 terms & agreement fee

 COVID-19 Specific