UNC106 Theatre Features
  • 88 theatre-style seats
  • Ceiling-mounted 4K HD Projector
  • Electronic controlled projection screen
  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Two (WiFi) wireless access points
  • Blu-ray DVD player
  • HDMI, VGA cable and audio cable

UNC106 Theatre Terms and Conditions

By renting the Students’ Union UNC106 theatre you agree to the following: 

  • Alcohol, cannabis use, and/or smoking are prohibited
  • Admission is free-of-charge 
  • The booking includes enough time for set-up and take down of your event.
  • Any food must be pre-packaged and single serve (i.e. chips, candy, etc.) No other food is permitted in the theatre.
  • Room is left in the same tidy condition as it was found. If there is significant cleaning required, you may be charged a minimum $50 cleaning fee (which can increase depending on the cost of clean-up)
  • Garbage/recycling is properly sorted, or you will be charged a clean-up fee.
  • Tables and/or chairs will not block doorways and emergency exits. Any tables and/or chairs brought in must be removed
  • All equipment and all lights are turned off at the end of the event. If the computer is used, it must be logged off.
  • Ensure the doors are locked after the event. If you have security unlock the door, you must call them and have it re-locked before you leave.
  • All equipment and lights are turned off or powered down. Failure to turn off the projector will result in a $50 bulb replacement fee.
  • All equipment remains in the theatre, just as it was when you started the event 
  • You are personally responsible for any equipment and/or materials you bring into the theatre
  • All media must be legally obtained (ie. no torrents).
  • You will re‐imburse the Student Union for any cleaning / damages from your event 
  • You will notify the Students’ Union (hello@paperandsupply.ca) if you notice any damage inside the theatre prior to your event 
  • Only active Student Associations (Clubs and Course Unions) who have been ratified by the Students’ Union are eligible for the Student Association rate
  • If you need training on the media system, it must be pre-arranged before the event at least 72 hours before the event
  • Breach of any terms & agreements may result in the Terms & Agreement Fee

COVID-19 Specific

·  Your event will follow all UBC covid-19 resumption guideline, which can be found here https://finance-operations.ok.ubc.ca/covid19-resumption/bookings-and-events/


Students’ Union UNC106 Theatre
3272 University Way, UNC106
Kelowna, BC  V1V 1V7