Student Association Handbook

SUO strives to enhance the student experience by effectively coordinating the collective resources of our student body.

The greatest resource our students have is their passion. The purpose of our student associations is to facilitate the discovery, pursuit, and sharing of those passions.

Term 1 September 2022 Orientation Presentation Slides

Attendees of our September 2022 Orientation have asked for access to our presentation slides for reference.  Here you go!

Is Your Student Association a Club?

We have two different student association structures – Course Unions and Clubs.

What is a club?

The purpose of a club is to enhance the ability of students to discover, pursue, and share their passions and common interests outside of a particular academic field. Club membership is open to all students. The variety of types of clubs that exist is extremely diverse; from religious & ethnic clubs, to hobby & sport clubs, to clubs for social justice or affiliated with a particular political or national/international organization.

It is up to each club to organize their executive team year to year through an election process with the members or an internal process of the existing executives replacing vacant positions with members within the club.  The club has the opportunity to decide how they want to create their executive team that must include at least a president, a treasurer and a secretary or vice president.  The titles don’t need to be these exact names listed here however there must be a minimum of 3 main executives who will be the liaisons between the club and the SUO. These 3 executives will also be the 3 signing authorities and responsible for the budgeting and expenses for the club finances.

We do have regulations in place to protect the club functioning and spending.  If at any point, a member or members of the club felt that the executives were not being fiscally responsible or knowingly breaking SUO regulations, the concerned party could reach out to the VP Internal or Membership Outreach Coordinator for help to look into the situation and help deal with any issues that could be occurring. Our goal is to support every student association to be successful in creating social events and a community that is crucial to student life on campus.

Please be sure to check out our Student Association Directory to connect with your peers.

Is Your Student Association a Course Union?

We have two different student association structures – Course Unions and Clubs.

What is a Course Union?

The purpose of a course union is to enhance the ability of students to discover, pursue, and share their passions in a particular academic field. A Course Union may restrict membership to students in their particular academic field, or they may be open to all students. All students within the specific academic field are automatic voting members of the relative course union. Any member of a course union can attend meetings and events, however voting members are specific to undergraduates or graduates, who major or minor in the relevant subject of the course union. A few examples of Course Union activities are: socializing, tutoring programs or group midterm or finals study sessions, supplying specific course materials, and/or advocating for students in their academic field. Many course unions will work in liaison with an academic advisor.

Every course union is required to have a constitution which includes regulations including all the positions within the executive team who are responsible for operating the course union each year.  These regulations and positions can only be changed year to year at the required course union AGM that all members are eligible to attend and vote on any constitution changes. The executive team must include at least a president, a treasurer and a secretary or vice president.  The titles don’t need to be these exact names listed here however there must be a minimum of 3 main executives who will be the liaisons between the course union and the SUO. These 3 executives will also be the 3 signing authorities and responsible for the budgeting and expenses for the course union finances. The constitution must be available to all members of the course union through a hyperlink, email or paper copy.

The executive team of a course union is created by an annual election held every Term 2 in liaison with the SUO and the Simply Voting online platform.  It is the responsibility of the current executive team to do a call out to all students majoring or minoring in the specific academic subject each year.  All students who are majoring or minoring within the subject are eligible to run for an executive position and vote in the election to be part of creating the executive team for the following academic year.

A course union is required to hold a monthly council meeting that is published 7 days prior to the meeting and is open to all members to attend. At least one executive must be in attendance at these meetings. The course union is required to hold a minimum of 5 meetings or events a term including the council meetings.

Course Unions have the opportunity to create and fund awards for students within the membership in partnership with the UBC Awards department.  A faculty advisor would be able to assist with the process.  It would be up to the course union executives to make sure that the funds are raised each year to sponsor these awards.

Please be sure to check out our Student Association Directory to connect with your peers.

Top 11 Things Important to Know

  1. READ this Student Association Handbook to get answers to questions of many different topics.  If you don’t find your answer in here, email the Membership Outreach Coordinator to let her know and get your answer!
  2. RENEW your Student Association every year to retain active status between July 1 & the deadline of the Friday of the 1st week of classes Term 1
  3. REGISTER one, preferably two executives for the annual Student Association Orientation(s) held every September and January! It’s mandatory to attend to retain active renewal status!
  4. APPLY for Student Association Funding in Term 1 & Term 2 before the deadline, don’t miss it! We email the form to active Student Associations at the start of each funding period!
  5. GET pre-approval for all OFF-CAMPUS events or you can’t get reimbursed for expenses!
  6. PROMOTE your Student Association event on the SUO Events Calendar!
  7. MAKE sure all executives have access to the Student Association email or are forwarded all emails with important information
  8. USE your Student Association email for all communication and room bookings
  9. ON-CAMPUS EVENTS must be reported to or approved by the UBCO RPC Committee! Check here for details!
  10. MAKE SURE you regularly check all the folders of the Student Association email address.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of all important information, plus you don’t want to miss out on funding opportunities!
  11. EVERY Student Association Executive must know and follow the STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS REGULATIONS! Refer to pages 63-72 in SUO Regulations. Not knowing is not a reason for breaking important regulations!

The Basics of Becoming A Student Association

Any group of UBC Okanagan students can make a request to start a SUO Student Association. We encourage members to check our Student Associations Directory before submitting a request to ensure that a similar Student Association doesn’t already exist. Once you have done so, you are ready to fill out our Student Association Registration Form.

Application Forms for new Student Associations will only be accepted and ratified during the months of September/October and January/February.

Every new Student Association must be ratified at a SUO Board of Directors meeting. What does ratification mean? Being ratified as a SUO Student Association means that your group can access all resources that the SUO has available (we’ll get into what those are soon).

How do I become ratified? Once a Student Association Registration Form has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the VP Internal and Membership Outreach Coordinator.  If we have questions, we will reach out via the Student Association email address on the form.  You may be invited to attend a meeting at the SUO office or do a presentation to the SUO Board at a Board of Directors meeting.  The Student Association will be denied if it is a duplicate of any existing Student Association or it is not in alignment with the Student Union Regulations.

  • Student Association means any organization ratified by the Students’ Union in accordance with this Regulation and is open to all SUO members.
  • A Course Union is a Student Association that is Department or Faculty specific and open to members only specific to that Department or Faculty, ratified by the Students’ Union in accordance with the Student Associations Regulation.  Any student is welcome to be a member of a course union, however voting members are undergraduates or graduates, who major or minor in the relevant subject of the course union. Course Unions must have Annual General Meetings and Annual Elections to vote in the Executive Board of the Course Union. There is usually a Faculty advisor working in partnership with the course union.

For all Student Associations you will need:

  • three executive members
  • three signing authorities
  • fifteen regular members
  • a general student association email address
  • Course Union only – Write a constitution that outlines the mandate and operations of your course union. Here’s an example constitution.

Most importantly, Student Associations must be open to all current UBC Okanagan students (all undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Okanagan) and must not duplicate the function of a pre-existing group. Once you have been ratified, you may have alumni, staff, or members from the community join your Student Association.

Make sure your group follows the guidelines set out in the SUO Student Association Regulations.

Your signing authorities are the executive members of your Student Association who oversee and approve the spending of your Student Associations funds. While you may have more than three executive members, you may only have three signing authorities and they must also be executive members. We highly recommend that your President and Treasurer/VP Finance be listed as signing authorities. We do not accept e-signatures or computer font signatures on page 2 of your registration form (your list of signing authorities).

Fill out the Student Association Registration Form.

Contact the SUO VP Internal ( or Membership Outreach Coordinator ( if you have any further questions or concerns.

Check your Student Association email. This is where you will get notice of your ratification status.  Included in the email will be a New Student Association Funding Form.  You will have 10 days from the date of the ratification email to submit the funding form for the maximum amount of $250.  If you miss the deadline, you will have to wait until the Term 1 or Term 2 funding periods to apply for SUO funding.  You still will only be able to apply for the maximum amount of $250 until you provide a Student Association End of Term Report providing information on past events and fiscal responsibility.

Staying Ratified


How do I stay ratified? To officially stay ratified with the SUO, your Student Association must submit a Student Association Renewal Form in hard copy to the SUO office after July 1 and before the Friday of the first week of classes in September every year.  After August 1st, Student Associations do not have access to SUO support until they submit their Student Association Renewal Form.

Signatures on the forms must be original and in ink for the Membership Outreach Coordinator and Finance Manager to effectively track the signing authorities for your bank account, your contact information, and your funding requests. All information must be legible.

If the September renewal deadline is missed, Student Associations do not have access to SUO support for the first Winter term. A Student Association which does not meet the first Winter term deadline may receive support from the Students’ Union for the second Winter term if they submit their renewal form prior to the first Friday of the second Winter term as per the Student Association Regulations.

Can ratification be lost?

  • Student Associations will be dissolved by the Board of Directors after remaining inactive for 18 months
  • If members of the Student Association do something that violates the Students’ Union Code of Conduct, such as but not limited to hazing, offensive behaviour, sexual misconduct and discrimination
  • In violation of the Student Associations Regulation
  • Open an external bank account
  • Open an Eventbrite account that deposits into an external account

Once renewal has been confirmed, at any point during the year, if you have a change in executive or signing authority, contact the Membership Outreach Coordinator by email or during posted drop-in office hours.

Student Association Directory


Once the Student Association has been ratified or renewed, update your information for the directory.

Things to include:

  • A write up of what your Student Association is about and what members can expect
  • Student Association logo (276 pixels wide by 172 pixels high png with a transparent or colour-filled background)
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Website (if you have one)
  • Photos or images for promotion purposes in jpeg or png format
  • 15-45 second mp4 informative video

Send all the information you would like to include to the Membership Outreach Coordinator and your section of the directory will be updated as soon as possible.

All Student Association executives are required to regularly check their student association email for important information and updates from SUO.

Advantages of Being Ratified

  • Student Association Funding
  • Tabling and classroom booking privileges
  • Event promotion on our SUO Events Calendar
  • Poster printing for events and on campus printing services at paper & supply co.
  • SUO Financial Account with itemized tracking of funding, deposits and spending
  • Table at Student Associations Expo
  • UNC Theatre and Boardroom booking privileges
  • Moneris machine and/or Eventbrite event listing for ticket or product sales
  • Portable Audio System (speaker and microphone) to borrow for events
  • BBQ for outdoor campus events
  • Lockers for storage
Course Unions

Check out our Directory of Course Unions on campus!  They are a great way to connect with and become involved fellow students who are working towards the same degree as you are.  Course Unions help you navigate the specific faculty or department, as well as hold exam study sessions or tutoring services to fellow students.  Events hosted by course unions are a great way to socialize with people who have the same common interests.  They are also a great source of information for conferences or competitions that you may want to attend or compete in.

Booking How To’s

Campus Foyer, Classroom and Outdoor Bookings

For room booking requests (eg. club meeting in a classroom) please allow three business days for a booking confirmation. During our busy times (September and January) allow five business days to process booking requests. For larger events, request your booking well in advance. Booking confirmations are sent to the Student Association email as soon as they are available.

The Central Booking Office (CBO) provides an online timetable to show availability on spaces, please confirm availability BEFORE you submit your On-campus event form and make sure that you include extra time for event set up and clean up in the availability.

Check out the different spaces available

Step 1Verify room availability
How to use the timetable:

  1. Click on “Rooms”
  2. Select the room you would like to check for availability
  3. Select the “Week Range” (all weeks start with the Monday date)
  4. Select the day of the week your event/meeting will take place
  5. Select the “All Day” option to see the full schedule for the date selected
  6. Leave the default “Single (Basic) Timetable” option
  7. Click “View Timetable”

Step 2Complete Room Booking Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: times and locations of classes and events on the timetable can be subject to change. The timetable reflects updates to the timetable in real time. Not all locations are available to be viewed in the Room search, only listed locations are available for Student Association bookings. Foyer spaces can be booked in the EME, Arts, Science, Arts and Science, Fipke, and UNC.

Outdoor space can be booked using our regular room booking request. Outdoor spaces do not come with tables, chairs, or other equipment set up. If tables/chairs are required, submit a Facilities Management Event Application form to the Membership Outreach Coordinator. The link to the form will be sent in the email that comes with the confirmation of the space being booked. All Facilities Management requests must be submitted twenty-one days in advance of your event date. Facilities Management charges $40 per crew member per hour for event set-up and tear down.

Important:  All events must be reported to the RPCC committee on campus.  If your event is a simple one, you just need to inform them by filling out page 1 of the Safe Event Application Template.  If the event is a larger event or involves more details, you will need approval for the event from the committee.  Make sure you plan your event with time to submit the form and get it approved.  Events that require approval will be canceled if confirmation of approval cannot be provided at least 24 hours before the event. Check here for all the details and the form!

Large Function Space
UNC 200 Ballroom
  • capacity for 136 seated banquet-style or 200 standing or seated theatre-style
  • built-in screen, overhead projector, microphone and surround sound system
  • must be booked at least 2 hours in advance of event start time for set-up
  • event set up such as tables/chairs (must be done by Facilities Management and requested 21 days in advance of event date via the Facilities Management Event Request form, available upon request from SUO)
  • if music and dancing is part of the event, SOCAN and Re:Sound fees apply and will be paid from your student association account after your event
UNC 200 Requirements:
  • Capacity for 400 in a fixed table tiered classroom
  • Built-in screen, multimedia projector, speaker system, microphone
  • Computer, blu-ray, HDMI, document camera, wireless presentation
  • Lighting control, AC power to all seats
COM 201 Requirements:
  • must be booked at least 2 hours in advance of event start time for set-up
  • must have at least 300 attendees to book this space
  • a Safe Event Application Template submitted to the RPCC committee is required at least 10 days in advance
ADM 026
  • Capacity for 200 in a fixed tablet tiered setting with plush seating
  • 40′ x 27′ x 33′ Raised stage, floor to ceiling curtains
  • Multimedia projector, speaker system, microphone (wired and/or wireless handheld or wireless lapel)
  • Computer, Blu-ray, HDMI, VGA w/ audio, document camera, wireless presentation
  • Professional stage lighting and lighting control, two lighting tripods for close stage-mounting of lights if required
  • Technical Booth
  • Touch-top podium with DVD, VCR, LCD Projection, 20” screen and sound system enables control of all the audiovisuals
  • Outdoor Marquee sign available on request (cost for set up)
ADM 026 Requirements:
  • must be booked at least 2 hours in advance of event start time for set-up
  • a Safe Event Application Template submitted to the RPCC committee is required at least 10 days in advance
  • Technical Booth available with skilled technicians. Rate 4-hours: $200. For performance events a technician is mandatory at $50 per hour with a minimum of $200.
  • No food or drink permitted

Special Function Bookings

Special Function Space
Arts Atrium

The Arts Atrium is no longer available for events.

Campus Study Space

Campus Recreation

Gymnasium, Volleyball Courts, Soccer Field, Ball hockey rink, etc…
> Campus Recreation


Please take note of the Hours of Operation below.  If your event is not during these hours, you will need to book a classroom for your event.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm

Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Closed weekends and statutory holidays.

Student Experience Office

COM104 Sawchuk Family Theatre

Located on level one of the Commons, the Engagement Theatre is a 25-30 person public and bookable space that gives users access to a 16 screen video wall.


  • 9′ tall x 16′ long video wall
  • Multi-source inputs: HDMI x2, Air Media, VGA, HD Cable x3
  • User-friendly touch interface controls
  • Stereo sound system
  • Dual wireless microphone

> Booking form and more details

Nachako Gathering Room

The Nachako Gathering Room is not available for booking Student Association events.

UNC 105 Boardroom

Rental Form

The Students’ Union UNC105 Boardroom contains the following equipment:

  • Ceiling-mounted projector
  • Electronic controlled projection screen
  • Two wall-mounted speakers
  • Wireless access point
  • Small sink and snack bar
  • Twenty chairs & Six boardroom tables

PLEASE NOTE: Breach of any terms and conditions may result in the fee.

UNC 106 Theatre

Rental Form

The Students’ Union UNC106 Theatre contains the following features/equipment:

    • 88 theatre-style seats
    • Ceiling-mounted 4K HD Projector
    • Electronic controlled projection screen
    • Surround Sound Speakers
    • Two (WiFi) wireless access points
    • Blu-ray DVD player


  • Wireless hand-held and lapel microphones
  • –>

    • HDMI, VGA cable and audio cable

    PLEASE NOTE: Breach of any terms and conditions may result in the fee.

    Do’s & Dont’s of Event Planning

      (Rooms Are Booked On A First Come, First Serve Basis So Sometimes It Will Show That A Room Is Available Because A Request Has Not Been Processed Yet. We Will Email You If This Is The Case, So Book Early)
    • Report your event to the RPCC committee on campus.  If your event is a simple one, you just need to inform them by filling out page 1 of the Safe Event Application Template.  If the event is a larger event or involves more details, you will need approval for the event from the committee.  Make sure you plan your event with time to submit the form and get it approved.  Events that require approval will be canceled if confirmation of approval cannot be provided at least 24 hours before the event. Check here for all the details and the form
    • BE PATIENT AND RESPECTFUL – We Can Have Many Requests To Process
    • WHEN MAKING MULTIPLE ROOM BOOKINGS For The Same Day, You Can Specify The Multiple Rooms Wanted In The Enter a description for the indoor/outdoor space Of The Booking Form As Long As The Dates And Times Are Identical.
    • GIVE CLEAR DETAILS So We Don’t Have To Email You To Ask Questions Before Processing The Request.
    • Submit A Form Before Checking Room Availability
    • Try And Book The Following Rooms
    • Submit requests specific only to a building and not a room. Check Availability And Specify The Specific Rooms Wanted On The Form.
    • Book A Space Last Minute, We Are Only Human And Need Time To Deal With The Many Requests Received Daily
    • Forget to report your event to the RPC Committee and get approval if necessary
    • Have an event in a private residence or home.  Our insurance does not cover liability in these spaces.



    Large events require a request well in advance – four weeks for an event without alcohol served and six weeks if you are planning to serve alcohol. Liquor licenses are acquired through Campus Security (form below). If you will be hosting a large event on campus, follow these steps:

    Facilities Management charges $40 per crew member per hour for set-up and tear down of events. If your event is in UNC 200 and has music/dancing, SOCAN and ReSound fees will apply. Charges will be paid from your student association account after your event.


    If you are hosting a BBQ event on campus, make sure you book your outdoor space using our On-campus Event Form. You can fill out and submit the BBQ Booking Request Form in the Add-Ons of the event form. There is a $40 usage fee to cover the cost of maintenance and propane. All SUO Student Associations are required to have at least one member or volunteer with FoodSafe certification overseeing any food preparation and a fire extinguisher on hand during operation of the BBQ. Fire extinguishers are available on the day of your event from the Campus Security Dispatch office, located in the ADM building near the UBC Okanagan Bookstore.  Don’t forget to return it to the dispatch office once the event is over. You will need to fill out and submit a Safe Event Application Template and receive approval from the RPC Committee prior to the event.

    Please check the BBQ Terms & Agreement for more details.


    The Well is a great place to throw an event. All ages events in the Well do have some fees attached to it, however the needs of the event affect the costs involved. Due to no alcohol being sold there is usually a staffing fee as well as an overall booking fee. This fee is arranged between The Well Pub Manager and the folks putting on the event.

    For the most part a 19+ event would not have any fees attached to it as bar sales would cover the costs.

    Since the event is in Students’ Union space, there are no extra insurance costs or waivers to sign for All Ages and 19+ events.

    If someone wants to inquire about booking the space they can contact Mike, The Well Pub Manager, at


    We have one (1) portable PA system available for Student Associations to borrow for use on campus. It can be reserved through the On-campus event Form as an Add-on.  The system can not leave the UBCO campus. Terms & Conditions must be agreed to before loaning the equipment.  If it is being used during class times, you will need to fill out a Safe Event Application Template and receive approval from the RPC Committee prior to the event.


    We have a limited number of fold up tables and chairs available for use on a first come, first served basis. Please book the requested outdoor space and receive confirmation before requesting the tables. Please come to our office at UNC 133 on the day of your event or contact the Membership Outreach Coordinator if you wish to request a table. Please note, SUO tables are only available during office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4pm.


    SUO Student Associations are required to obtain pre-approval for all off-campus events and activities. We recommend that off-campus event requests are submitted at least two weeks in advance of the date the event will be advertised.  Last minute submissions may not be able to be approved.  Events involving physical risk or alcohol may require waivers to be signed and submitted to the Membership Outreach Coordinator prior to the event.  In certain circumstances, there may also be extra insurance coverage required at the expense of the Student Association. Once the Off-campus Event Form has been submitted, our office will respond with notice of approval or a request for more information.


    Student Associations are not allowed to have a raffle or draw that would require them to procure a gambling license due to the stringent government reporting that would be required and the fines that are involved if not followed correctly.  If it is a game of chance, that anyone can win – you need a gambling licence. Examples of this are random draws, raffle tickets, 50/50s, silent auctions, lotteries and games involving playing cards or dice. If it is a game of skill, then you do not need a license. Examples of this would be to guess the number of items in a jar, closest putt to the green, the best score in a bean bag toss, a trivia or mathematical question.

    A game that needs a gaming licence has the three elements listed below. The contest has to be exempt from at least one of these three criteria.

    1. There is a prize.
    2. Contestants have to pay to enter.
    3. It is a game of chance.

    Email the Membership Outreach Coordinator at with any and all questions before carrying out any raffles or draws.

    • Get creative with ways to raise money for your favourite charity.
    • Book space in front of the UNC, borrow a table to have a bake sale or sell Krispy Kreme donuts.
    • Book space in the courtyard and raise funds having a BBQ.
    • Book the UNC Ballroom, organize a fun event and sell tickets on the SUO Eventbrite page to raise money.
    • Use SUO funding to cover expenses for holding events or purchasing fundraising products.
    • DON’T use SUO funding directly to make donations to charity organizations.

    Student Association Funding


    If you are a new Student Association that has just been ratified by our Board of Directors, you would have received an application form for new Student Association Funding with the email informing you of being newly ratified.  You have 10 days from the date of receiving the email to submit the application and receive up to $250 in funding to help you function until our next official funding period at the beginning of the following start of Term 1 or Term 2.

    Outside of being a brand new club or course union, there are two annual funding request opportunities for Student Associations. Each one takes place at the start of Term 1 in September or Term 2 in January. Funding application details and deadlines are sent out to registered Student Association email addresses at the beginning of each funding period.  Funding applications submitted after the specified deadline will not be considered for the current funding period so don’t miss the deadline!

    Any requests over $1500 will require an in person or zoom meeting with the VP Finance & Administration and one other member of the Ad Hoc Funding Committee to discuss the needs of the request.  Requested amounts that are $2000 and under can be approved by the Ad Hoc Funding Committee. Any approved requests over $2000 during one funding period must be ratified individually by the SUO Board of Directors at a board meeting.

    A student association can request up to $3500 total per academic year.

    At the end of each term, we ask for each Student Association to fill out an End of Term Report and submit it to the Membership Outreach Coordinator to report events and spending during that term.  The End of Term Report will be reviewed along side the proceeding funding application period. Failure to submit an End of Term Report could affect the student associations ability to be approved for funding or receive requests for larger amounts in the following term.

    Banking and Financial Transaction Processes


    Student Associations may not hold external bank accounts or move funds through a personal or external account.
    All Student Association funds must be deposited directly into the SUO Student Association account.


    All SUO registered Student Associations MUST keep their funds in an account set up through SUO. Failure to do so can result in the suspension or dissolution of your Student Association.

    To obtain an itemized .pdf financial statement or balance inquiry, email the Membership Outreach Coordinator from your Student Association email account requesting one. For privacy and protection of a student association’s funds, we will not send account statements to personal email addresses.


    If you have a deposit for your Student Association account, please take the cash or cheque to the paper & supply co. (formerly known as the GreenText and More Bookstore) and let them know you would like to make a deposit. Your Student Association account will be updated the following business day. All cheques must be made payable to the “Student Union of UBC Okanagan” with your Student Association name noted in the memo, no exceptions. We are not able to deposit cheques that are not properly filled out.

    If a business is mailing a cheque to the Students’ Union, provide them with our mailing address and ensure you list your Student Association name and the Students’ Union of UBC Okanagan:

    Student Association Name
    c/o SUO of UBC
    3272 University Way, UNC133
    Kelowna, BC     V1V 1V7

    If a business would like to arrange to make a direct deposit from a Canadian financial institution or to process the payment with a company Visa or Mastercard, email the Membership Outreach Coordinator with contact information for the person from the company who is arranging the payment and the agreed amount of sponsorship or donation, stating if it is a credit card or direct deposit.  If requested by the sponsor, we can provide an invoice for their financial records.


    All Student Association funds must be spent up front by members and reimbursement will be made via direct deposit after submitting an Expense Reimbursement Form to our office.

    Please ensure your form contains the following information:

    • the name of the person/business the reimbursement is being made out to
    • a personal email of the person/business being reimbursed to supply confidential banking information. Do not include banking information with the ERF, we take an individual’s privacy very seriously.
    • an explanation of what the purchase was for. Items that are referenced in Student Association Regulation #17 will not be reimbursed. Contact the Membership Outreach Coordinator if you have any questions prior to making the purchase.
    • the name of your Student Association
    • the total amount being requested. If the amount of the receipt(s) does not match the amount stated on the requisition form, include an explanation.
    • signatures from two of your signing authorities.  A signing authority can not authorize their own reimbursement.
    • ERF’s submitted with signatures that do not match what we have on file at the SUO will not be processed. Signatures made with a computer font will not be accepted.

    Once the form is complete, attach the receipt(s) totalling the requested amount, and submit it to the Students’ Union office at UNC 133.

    You can also email the form and receipts to the Membership Outreach Coordinator.

    • expense reimbursement forms submitted by email must be sent as a PDF
    • receipts submitted by email can be sent as PDF, PNG or JPG/JPEG.  Do not send forms or receipts as DOC, DOCX or HEIC
    • hardcopies of the form and receipts must be kept in a secure location accessible to current executives for a minimum of one year

    Reimbursements will be made by direct deposit to bank accounts at Canadian financial institutions.

    If the amount being spent is larger than a member can personally take responsibility for, please contact the Membership Outreach Coordinator and you will receive assistance with an alternative payment method. Do not spend money for your Student Association from your personal account if it could result in a financially stressful situation. We do not want students to struggle financially while waiting for reimbursement. We ask for a minimum of 5 business days to have your reimbursement ready. Once the ERF is processed, it can take 3-5 business days for the bank to deposit the funds into your account.


    Based on Student Association Regulation 18, pre-paid gift cards are only able to be given out as a prize at an event. Pre-paid gift cards cannot be used as a means to supply attendees of an event food or supplies.  Expense Reimbursements for pre-paid gift cards must include a Pre-Paid Gift Card Purchasing Record Form that has been completed in full.  Recipients of pre-paid gift cards at events must be named on the record form and they must sign to confirm that they were given the card as a prize at a specific event.  Reimbursements for pre-paid gift cards will not be processed if the forms are not completed in full and submitted with an expense reimbursement form.


    The SUO has debit/credit machines for Student Association use. To request a debit machine, please fill out our Moneris Machine Request Form found in the Add-ons when submitting On-Campus Event or Off-Campus Event forms. The machines are booked on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be removed from campus.  A Student Association may only book one machine at a time to a maximum of 7 days.  Two bookings can not be submitted consecutively. We will send you an email confirming your request once it has been processed. You must have two signing authorities sign off on your request; they can do so by stopping by our office once your request is approved. The member who will be responsible for the machine must sign the form and supply a reliable source for immediate contact. Debit machines not returned before 4:00PM on the final day it is booked for will be charged a $25 late fee.


    Student Associations that would like the option of allowing online payments for an event may make a request to have their event listed on the SUO Eventbrite page. All SUO registered Student Associations wishing to use online payments MUST use Eventbrite through the SUO. Use of personal accounts and online sales platforms are strictly prohibited. To make a request to set up payments/ticket sales through Eventbrite, please fill out our Eventbrite Request Form in the Add-Ons of our On-Campus, Off-Campus or Online event forms.  Once we have set up the event page, an email inviting the student association to be an organizer will be sent to the student associations email address.  You will be able to make edits to the event description and add graphics.  Edits to the date, time or ticket information can be done by emailing the Membership Outreach Coordinator.


    paper & supply co. (formerly known as the GreenText and More Bookstore) has a limited number of cash boxes which can be signed out by Student Association members on a first come, first served basis. If you require a cash float, you must make your request a minimum of two (2) business days in advance. Please include your request for the quantities of bills and coin required to a maximum of $200. Visit or contact the paper & supply co. (formerly known as the GreenText and More Bookstore) at UNC 103 for more information or to make a request. You can also email the paper & supply co. at!

    Promotion and Printing Services

    SUO Website Event Calendar

    Student Association Events can be posted on the SUO Events Calendar to promote it and increase exposure.

    There are two ways to get your event added to our Event Calendar.

    • When submitting a booking request on our website, you click on Yes to add it to our calendar and write up the description that you would like added to the post in the description area under the Event Name.  Once the booking request is confirmed, we will add the event to our calendar and email you a link for approval and edits.
    • If you chose No to the Event Calendar or changed your mind, email the Membership Outreach Coordinator with the event name, description, date, time, location and any other details such as ticket cost or registration information.  The event will be added to the calendar and a link emailed to you.

    Each Student Association may have up to 20 posters printed per event. If more than one group is partnering together for an event, a maximum of 40 posters total will be printed.

    Note the following when designing your poster:

    • Your Student Association name or logo must be clearly displayed
    • The SUO name or logo must be displayed (available for download on website – light background or dark background)
    • All event details such as date, time and location must be listed correctly. We will not reprint posters as a result of mistakes in your poster design
    • Each poster design must have at least 3″ x 2″ of negative/light-coloured space for our SUO date stamp. Posters without this stamp may be removed by campus cleaners
    • Posters can be printed standard letter (8.5″ x 11″) or tabloid (11″ x 17″) sizes. Indicate the size when submitting the request form.

    ***Canva users, please refer to this important information before submitting your poster request.

    When your poster design meets the above criteria, you may submit it using the Poster Printing Request Form.

    Once you receive an email confirming posters are ready, they can be picked up at the SUO reception desk.  If you printed your own posters they can be stamped at paper & supply co. (formerly known as GreenText and More Bookstore).

    Posters must be put up following the university campus rules listed below. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in your posters being removed by University staff.

    • Posters must be date stamped with our SUO stamp, they will be taken down two weeks from the date stamped.
    • In the UNC building you may hang posters on the 1st floor round pillars only with masking tape or painters tape only! Tape is available at paper & supply co. (formerly known as GreenText and More Bookstore). Posters put up with scotch or packing tape will be removed as the acid in the tape permanently damages cement and paint.
    • DO NOT hang posters on walls, glass, windows, or doors.
    • In buildings around campus you may hang posters on general bulletin boards only with pins or staples. DO NOT hang posters on faculty or department specific bulletin boards.
    • In some buildings, it may be necessary to obtain department approval prior to posting.
    • Do not cover or block visibility of current posters already posted.

    For complete information, please refer to the Campus Planning guidelines.

    paper & supply co.

    You can now get all your printing needs done in the UNC! The student union has added a print shop to the former GreenText & More Bookstore. We still offer many of the same services you have come to use in the GreenText (cash boxes, club deposits, snacks and textbook consignment) but with the added bonus of being able to print a variety of items such as class projects and student association marketing material right here on campus! Visit our website or see us in UNC103 for more information!

    Student Association Direct Bill Printing

    Student Associations may print at the SUO print shop (paper & supply co.) and have the printing billed directly to their Student Association if their total is over $10.00. To be able to be billed directly, the student association must follow the below procedure.

    • Have all documents ready to go, formatted in the way you want them printed (i.e. document is formatted in the size you need printed, anything double sided is in the same document)
    • Take your documents to the paper & supply co. to discuss printing options and upgrades. They can provide you a quote at this time.
    • Have paper & supply co. staff complete their section of the Student Association Printing Approval Form. Printing will only be billed directly if the cost is over $10.00
    • Complete and submit the rest of Student Association Printing Approval form to the paper & supply co. along with the documents or files you wish to print. Make sure to specify your printing specifications with the documents (quantity, paper upgrades, colour vs b&w etc.)
    • paper & supply co. will submit the form to the Membership Outreach Coordinator to verify signatures and balances.
    • Once the form is approved, your order will be printed.
    • paper & supply co. will contact you via email when your prints are ready for pickup.
    • Pick up your prints and sign the receipt.
    • Orders under $10 will have to be paid for at the time of purchase and an ERF submitted to Izzy with the receipt to be reimbursed.

    Development News


    Every September we have an Orientation Day. It is usually the second Saturday after the first day of classes. We spend the day teaching student associations how to run their finances properly including budgeting, reimbursing, expenses and how to apply for funding to create great events and activities on campus. We also teach you how to run successful events on campus, seek sponsorship from the community and participate in campaigns to improve the lives of students. It is mandatory for 1, preferably 2 executives from each Student Association to attend orientation for your Student Association to retain active status and have access to the SUO services associated with Student Associations.

    Every January we have a Term 2 Orientation meeting that is a follow up to Term 1 Orientation about updates, review and new business. It is tentatively, the second Thursday evening after the first day of classes. We spend the time reviewing relevant information and updating any changes including Term 2 funding that have occurred since September. We will also have an open town hall forum to find out what our Student Associations need from us and to share ideas. It is mandatory for 1 executive from each Student Association to attend this meeting to apply for funding and remain active.


    Expo is a large outdoor event held in the courtyard that provides Student Associations the opportunity to promote themselves to incoming and returning students. Campus and community partners also participate in Expo so it provides Student Associations an opportunity to network and make connections.  Because it is outdoors, we have room for all Student Associations as long as they have confirmed their renewal status with the Students’ Union and signed up to participate.  The Students’ Union usually does a big barbeque with free hamburgers/veggie burgers and a table to meet your Students’ Union crew and get free swag!  This event is a lot of fun and interactive every year!


    Winter Expo is an indoor event, usually held in EME every January that provides Student Associations the opportunity to promote themselves to students. It is more low key than the main Expo held in September, we can only accommodate 60 Student Associations due to spacing. Campus and community partners also participate in Winter Expo so it provides a second opportunity for Student Associations to network and make connections. Watch for sign-up emails in November.  Tables are reserved on a first registered, first gets the spot due to limited spacing.


    Every year the SUO has a Harmony event in March to celebrate all the different cultures on campus.  Watch for an email at the beginning of Term 2 if you would like to be part of it.  This event is hosted by our VP Campus Life and the Campus Life Committee. There is an opportunity to receive specific funding to participate in this event.